Why invest in Hi Vis Workwear?

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Most Australian businesses working in the mining, building, roadworks and construction industries fully understand their legal obligation to provide staff with High Visibility (Hi Vis) clothing. This form of PPE apparel ensures workers are visible when working at night, underground or near moving traffic or dangerous equipment. If your business requires its employees to work in any of the above-mentioned situations, your investment in Hi Vis workwear is paramount to their safety.


Investing in Hi Vis clothing

It is often quoted that the greatest investment in your business is your staff. Hence, the importance of investing in PPE such as Hi Vis workwear to protect them from workplace injury. As an employer it may save you from compensation claims if one of your workers gets hurt in an incident, which could have been avoided had you provided your workers with appropriate safety clothing. There is also nothing more detrimental to a business that reputational damage due to poor workplace practises.

Ensuring compliance

To ensure your Hi Vis clothing is up to the task of keeping your workers safe, AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 regulations recommend that each item be checked every three to six months for effectivity.

These regulations also stipulate how a garment should be made in terms of quality and visibility. As a trusted supplier of workwear, DNC Workwear 2U only supplies industry compliant Hi Vis clothing to ensure that your employees remain safe.

Choose quality

Now that you have a better understanding of what’s required from your Hi Vis workwear, you may want to reconsider your current supplier of workwear. If your items are losing colour and quality after just a few months, it’s highly likely that the outside material and/or the reflective bands will also be losing their effectiveness and safety will be compromised.

To prevent this, make sure your next Hi Vis purchase comes from DNC Workwear 2U. We guarantee our Hi Vis apparel meets the outlined quality standards, has been tested and comes with detailed guidance on care and maintenance.

Contact us today. Ph. 1300 729 538 or simply visit our website to find out more about our high quality Hi Vis clothing options. DNC Workwear 2U can help your business cut costs and maintain a safe environment for your employees.