3811 - 175gsm HiVis Two Tone Cool Breathe Polo, S/S

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HiVis Two Tone Fluoro Polo Shirt, Micromesh, S/S > 175 gsm Polyester Micromesh
175gsm 100% polyester micromesh (extra cool and comfortable) HiVis two tone polo shirt with pocket and pencil partition, full fluoro colour on back.
DNC garments are tested for UPF (ultraviolet factor) in accordance with AS/NZS4399:1997. The level of protection varies depending on the fabric & colour of the garment. This logo indicated the UPF rating are for very good/excellent protection.DNC HiVis garments are manufactured to comply AS/NZS1906.4:1997/Class F and AS/NZS 4602:1992/Class 'D' to meet the requirement of safety standards for day use.DNC polyester cotton backed knit, 100% polyester micromesh, 155gsm cotton woven and poly/cotton waffle fabrics all feature 'cool-breath' treatment, they will breathe, provide faster cooling and comfort in hot and sweaty conditions.Environmentally Friendly Green Dye



(No reviews yet) Write a Review